Corvallis and the OSU Community

Corvallis is known around the Pacific Northwest as one of the top-rated college towns. As the site of Oregon State University as well as a vibrant, upscale city center, you’ll find everything you need to feel at home—and all with the great weather and vibrant greenery that makes life in Oregon so unique.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a family hoping to settle somewhere that prides itself on education or if you’re a student exploring OSU off campus housing options. Moving here puts you in touch with great real estate options and an even greater community for enjoying it all.


The OSU Area

Located in the heart of the Willamette Valley, the topography here in the OSU area is varied and accessible. You can enjoy the hiking and biking that are favorites around here, or you can take a quick trip to the coast to enjoy water activities. Just as accessible are Portland (85 miles to the north) and Salem (30 miles to the north).

There are also plenty of places to enjoy your studious side. Because of the young, academically-oriented demographic, there is a large proportion of theaters, museums, and art galleries in Corvallis. These can make for a great evening out (along with a trip to one of the many locally-owned bars that cater to the college crowd), as well as an ideal place to showcase your own talents, especially if you’re part of the arts program at OSU.

OSU and Corvallis Real Estate

Because of the large concentration of college students, Corvallis rentals can be a little difficult to locate—especially during late summer, when apartments and houses have a tendency to fill up. OSU off campus housing options run the range of large houses divided into individual apartments to well-run rental facilities within walking distance of most campus features.

We encourage potential Corvallis renters to look for facilities that offer low-maintenance rental options. Because your primary job will be to focus on school and enjoying the OSU area, you want an apartment complex that offers all the amenities with a minimal hassle. Key features to look for include:

•    Online payment options
•    Access to public transportation
•    On-site facilities
•    Comprehensive property management
•    Short- and long-term leasing options
•    OSU off campus housing options that cater to students

While the majority of residents here either attend or work for OSU, there are also families and those hoping for a temporary housing option while they make the transition. Whatever your OSU rental needs, we encourage you to give Oregon Property Management Group a call. In Corvallis or in the greater Eugene area, we have facilities that will welcome you home.