Management Services

If you own Eugene rentals or Corvallis rentals, it’s important to find a company that maximizes your profits while reducing the time you spend on overseeing your rental investment. That’s why Oregon Property Management Group takes a comprehensive approach to managing your rentals in Eugene, Oregon and takes care of your Corvallis property management services. Tapping into online avenues for tenancy and payment options, we make the most of technology to get results.

 Owner Services include

  • Complete Property Management
  • Annual Rent-Index
  • Monthly Statements and Payments Delivered Electronically
  • 24-Hour Preventative Services and Maintenance
  • Secure Data Transactions
  • Automatic Vacancy Postings
  • Weekend Showings
  • Tax Services


  • Less Vacancy
  • No Headaches with Tenants and Repairs
  • Higher Yields
  • Protection For You Investment
  • Rent Payments Deposited Faster
  • No Bookkeeping Nightmares

Eugene Property Management

Because Oregon Property Management Group has been serving the Eugene area for so many years, we know how to make the most of this hub of culture, arts, and the outdoors. Residents here are looking for ways to streamline the way they manage their Eugene rentals, leaving them more time to enjoy the activities that make our city so unique. 

That’s why we focus on online transactions and Eugene property management that reduces the burden on both owners and renters. As an owner, you get the peace of mind of knowing your facility is in good hands, while your renters can rely on us for everyday maintenance and repair. 

Corvallis Property Management 

One of the largest sectors of the Corvallis property management market is OSU off campus housing. Oregon State University sees over 20,000 students walk through its doors every year, and a large portion of the student population seeks housing away from the campus center. 

College students have unique needs when considering Corvallis rentals—which is why we tailor our services for this younger, more technologically-savvy crowd.